Detail of Shapemaking No. 48 by Leslie Newman

Modern Shapemaker

Selections from 100 Days of Shapemaking. Limited edition archival prints by Leslie K Newman (aka Lel).

Artwork in a spacious gallery, ceramic vessels in foreground. Colorful modern prints, and wood sculptures hanging on the walls.
4x4: Art by Design, Tim Celeski, David Owen Hastings, Leslie Newman, Brian O'Neill

4×4: Art by Design, Port Townsend

June 9 through August 7 at Northwind Art Jeanette Best Gallery, 701 Water Street, Port Townsend WA. Artists’ Talk and Meet + Greet: Saturday, July 9 at 1pm 

Abstract painting with blue and orange by Lel Newman

Adventures in Color

Space activating expressive abstracts by Leslie (Lel) Newman


So now the floodgates are open to the delight of pure form, whatever its origin. Anything goes.

— Philip Johnson