100 Day Project 2018 - Another Shapemaking Art Challenge on Instagram - Lel Newman Artist

100 Day Project 2018 – Another Shapemaking Art Challenge on Instagram

100 Day Project - Lel Newman

I’m in.

I’d been mulling over the idea. Should I do it again? I recall it started last April, when? Mid-April, I don’t know, I was just pondering. I hadn’t done much shapemaking artwork since the end of the challenge last year, July 12, 2017. Before that, I had created one every day for 100 days.

So on Monday, April 2, I’m scrolling on Instagram and I see Kathleen’s post about her committing to the 100 Day Challenge, starting tomorrow. What! Tomorrow? No more pondering it was time to commit (or not).

About my first 100 Day Project

My 2017 100 Day Challenge propelled me to create a new body of personal artwork. I indulged in pure form and color. Making eye candy, but not bad-for-you candy. It’s a calorie-free candy, a delightful luxury, a mini spa treatment for the spirit. These new “Shapemaking” abstract artworks conjured surprising and positive responses from friends on Instagram and the real world. On the whole, the project was supremely satisfying.

Why “Shapemaking” for 100 days?

I drew on my years of digital design and illustration work — zooming in and perfecting shapes is hypnotic to me. The challenge gave me permission to explore this medium for own selfish purposes:

  • Let go of literal subject matter and explore pure form and color.
  • Use the elemental design principles the mysterious Mr. Griffin taught me in art school way-back-when.
  • Feel the satisfying high of art-making for 100 days straight.

Could I do it?

Just making the commitment in 2017, announcing my challenge on Instagram, meant I would do it. People were watching me, holding me accountable. If anything, I’m reliable. I follow through on commitments. I may procrastinate, stress and fret, but I come through. I am a Virgo.

I had seen others do it in 2016. I wondered what is all this about? Every day really? Post something for the world to see? That’s ambitious and scary. But the Instagram community is a kind and generous one, I had a project that intrigued me, so I committed and I did it! Woohoo!

100 Days of Shapemaking 2018

I’ve committed again.

As I said in the beginning, it’s been awhile since I’ve created new shapemaking works. I’m continuing where I left off making abstracts with pure form and color. Fingers crossed I make it to the end. Please wish me luck and follow along @leslienewman. My project hashtag is #100daysofshapemaking_lel

You can find lots of folk’s 100 Day Projects on Instagram by searching these hashtags: #the100dayproject #100dayproject

What will your 100 Day Challenge be?


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