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Art Fundraiser!

2020 is a year for the history books: global pandemic, Black Lives Matter awakening and a democracy-on-the-line election in the US. It’s a tragic and desperate time for many. I want to do something helpful and hopeful. I’m not an essential worker. I have the luxury to work from home with lots of space and nature around me. I’m humbly grateful for my circumstances. So…

30% to CAMFED and OneGoal

Now and through the end of the year, I will donate 30% of proceeds from my art print sales to organizations that make the world a better place. Funds will be split between CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education in Africa) and OneGoal – Helping close the college divide in the United States. Both organizations transform lives and create long-term progress through education. I learned about these organizations from Nicholas Kristof’s NYTimes “Gifts that Change Lives”article. Every year he produces a holiday guide suggesting “gifts with meaning” and awards his Holiday Impact Prize to organizations that make big impacts for good. They receive matching funding and lots of visibility. Below are excerpts…


Educate a girl. My grand prize winner is Camfed (originally called the Campaign for Female Education), which helps girls in African countries get an education. One of the world’s best bargains is the chance to help a girl go to school in a country like Ghana, Malawi or Zimbabwe: A year in high school costs $150, elementary school about $30.

— Nicholas Kristof


Send a young person to college. Another prize winner is OneGoal, which mentors low-income students in the United States, helping them graduate from high school and succeed in college. OneGoal ensures that Black lives matter: 96 percent of participants are students of color, and it provides a bridge for them to complete high school and get a solid start in college.

— Nicholas Kristof

If you’re considering adding art to your walls, this is a win-win. If not, please consider donating or volunteering for organizations listed at

Thanks for reading. Be well.

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