4x4 - Abstract Contemporary Art Exhibit in Port Townsend through Aug 7

Abstract, contemporary art – 4×4 exhibit in Port Townsend thru Aug. 7

The 4×4: Art by Design show looks fab! It’s exciting to see our work shown together. We each have unique approaches in mediums that include monoprint/stitched paper collage, ceramic vessels, digital painting, limited edition prints, and abstract wood sculpture.

4×4: Art by Design

June 9 – August 7, 2022
Northwind Art Jeanette Best Gallery
701 Water Street, Port Townsend
Gallery hours: Thurs. – Mon. noon-5 pm. 
Art at Night, Saturday, July 2, Open until 8 pm.

Join us for a second Artists’ Talk and Meet + Greet: Saturday, July 9 at 1 pm.

Four artists smiling for a selfie in an exhibit of their work
Exhibiting artists: David Owen Hastings, Brian O’Neill, (Me), and Tim Celeski (excellent selfie by David)

The exhibit features works by Tim Celeski (Indianola, WA), David Owen Hastings (Sequim, WA), Leslie Newman (Indianola, WA), and Brian O’Neill (Bellingham, WA)

Contemporary art hanging at an art exhibit in Port Townsend
The gallery is a beautiful space for art! The striking tall vertical pieces are 3D Sketch series 1, 2, and 3, carved walnut, by Tim Celeski.
Artwork in a spacious gallery, ceramic vessels in foreground. Colorful modern prints, and wood sculptures hanging on the walls.
Ceramic vessels by Brian O’Neill are in the foreground. Landing Party, and a set from my Glyph series are visible on the back wall.
Contemporary art hanging in a gallery
My digital paintings, In Flight and Orange Reach hanging next to a stitched paper collage by David Owen Hastings. Tim’s B Flat series is visible on the far wall.

Lots of art to see

We all brought a lots of art for the exhibit, so much that there wasn’t space for it all! Exhibit Director, Kathleen Garrett, did a wonderful job of arranging the show, and having breathing space is key to enjoy the work. Her choice of groupings just belong together. That said some of our works are in the gallery storage.

Here are a few of mine you can ask to see…

Hard edge abstract art with green, blue and black shapes connected by black lines
Campground – 22 x 17 in, archival print, limited edition of 20, framed $475 (unframed $300)
Hard edge abstract art with yellow-green, turquoise, and black curved shapes with black line accents
Glyph No. 1 – 22 x 17 in, archival print, limited edition of 20, framed $475 (unframed $300)
Abstract digital painting with large dynamic orange shape in foreground
Visitor – 22 x 17 in, digital painting archival print, limited edition of 20, framed $475 (unframed $300)
Bold abstract digital painting with black accents
Sky Portal – 22 x 17 in, digital painting archival print, limited edition of 20, framed $475 (unframed $300) — Actually, Visitor is hanging on the gallery wall 🙂

About the gallery

Northwind Art is a non-profit organization, their mission is to inspire community well-being through art, cultivate creativity, and grow artists—of all ages and stages. They have two galleries in Port Townsend, the Jeanette Best Gallery and the Grover Gallery. Learn more at northwind art.org.

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