Artwork - Lel Newman Artist


Shapemaking Series

Bold blue orange and gold abstract, evoking Star Trek Landing Party by Lel Newman

For 100 days beginning April 13, 2017, I created a new abstract work and posted it on Instagram. I named my challenge “100 Days of Shapemaking”. Each work explores pure shape, form, and color. I drew upon skills honed as an illustrator, but it was pure joy to create artwork that was true to my personal vision. These modernist abstracts evoke different ideas and feelings for each viewer, as Instagram comments reveal. In 2023 I completed my fourth 100 Days of Shapemaking project. View a sampling of the Shapemaking Series.

A selection is available as limited edition, archival prints. They have a rich and vivid silkscreen like surface and mid-century vibe.

Digital Paintings

My expressive abstract paintings are created on an iPad Pro. OK, I’m kind of nerdy. I’m loving the results of combining my color chops, markmaking, and traditional painting skills with this awesome technology. This medium is clicking for me. I hope you like them.

A selection is available as limited edition, archival prints.

Abstract Sketchbook

Abstract blue and gray pastel artwork

Original, mixed media drawings from my Abstract Sketchbook series, my 2021 100-Day Project. I set aside digital tools and got my hands dirty, making marks, erasing, and layering until satisfied with the result. I used charcoal, pencil, wax crayons, and soft pastels.

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