Day 95 of abstract art making

4 colorful compositions by Leslie (Lel) Newman
No. 61, 62, 63 & 64 from my 100 Day Instagram Art Challenge – 100 Days of Shapemaking

My 100 Day Project 2018 is wrapping up soon. I’ll post number 95 today, next Wednesday, July 11 will be number 100! That’s on Instagram of course.

My 100 Day art practice

Every night I sit down and create a piece of personal art. Although I’m trained in the ways of color and composition, it’s become a somewhat instinctual act. I start with one shape. Then add, subtract and multiply until I’m content, or too tired to go on. I can’t just bag it, I have to post. That’s what the challenge is about. Don’t abandon your idea because it isn’t perfect, work with it until it’s good enough. Like last year, after 100 I’ll have a good handful I’m very pleased with and I’ll finish them off and print them. To hold them in my hands is very satisfying. The color is rich, the paper is lush, they’re gems of my own creation. Ooh, I’m a little dizzy. Get a grip! …