No. 58 becomes Landing Party

Bold blue orange and gold abstract, evoking Star Trek Landing Party by Lel Newman
Landing Party

“Landing Party” is one of the few of my Shapemaking artworks that have a non-numerical title. When my husband suggested it I instantly got it. I said “Yes! that’s perfect”. So far, no one else has instantly “got it”. Do you get it? I explain below, but first, let me tell you a little about my trouble with titles.

Naming abstract artwork is not easy for me

The process of making the artwork is what I enjoy most. Making shapes, modifying the form, space, and color to the point I’m satisfied and feel that jolt of art-joy. I hope the viewer will feel the same. I’m done, so what’s next? Oh the hard part for me… giving the artwork a title. If I plan to share the work on Instagram, as I often do, I’m kinda in a hurry so I will usually just date it and not bother with a title. I can worry about that later.